Winter Marquee Wedding Cocktails

Our penultimate job of the year took us near Fakenham for what can only be described as a very glitzy winter wedding. Set on the grounds of the family home the Marquee was, as always, absolutely stunning, draped in black with a night sky sparkle.

This week was all about the cocktails. Our amazing white polo bar took centre stage, along with our equally amazing cocktail mixologists to move the wedding of C and H into the evening party.

The cocktails chosen for this wedding were simply an Espresso Martini and a Margarita. Alongside this we poured copious amounts of Gin and Tonics, wine and champagne. As always the Margaritas and Gins were finished off with Sophie’s wonderful dried fruits. Compliments were coming from all directions and bar staff were shaking faster than ever to keep on top of demand.

A personal highlight of the night was the band encouraging a conga line that spanned the whole marquee. This flowed straight past the bar where people could grab yet another drink on route! A piece of wedding cake awaited them from the wonderful caterers on the way back towards the dance floor! I just wish I had my phone at the ready to have caught the fun on camera!

An amazing event to have been a part of. We really do love what we do.

Sophie x