Wellness Retreat.

We had a very special request this week to provide a three day bespoke menu. The lovely Fiona from Hazelwood Retreat asked us to come up with a complete vegetarian menu for her guests. We worked together to come up with some lovely meals for their stay. This included three main courses, one for each day of their break. Vegetable wellington with crushed, buttery new potatoes, wild mushroom risotto with sourdough garlic and herb breads and vegetable curry with rice and popadoms. To accompany this we got Tracy busy in the kitchen preparing three of her most famous desserts. These were her Chocolate brownie, Salted caramel cheesecake and Pavlova. As well as the evening meals Fiona needed two lunches. We made a beautiful (if we do say so ourselves!) vegetable quiche with accompanying salad, and a wonderful fresh Calbrese salad with rocket, rustic breads and oils. These were all delivered fresh to Hazelwoods front door ready for the arrival of the guests. We hope our meals helped towards everybody feeling relaxed and hassle free, just as you should at a retreat!

Sophie x