The rain won’t spoil our day!

What an awfully wet day at Little Massingham Barn. One of the wettest in Rudd Events history! But it didn’t dampen G & J’s day!

We started with set up on Friday. G & J hired a full tableware set for their gorgeous long bare tables. This included everything from napkins to plates, water jugs to salt and pepper mills, cutlery and glasses.

Unfortunately G & J’s plans of a sunny outdoor wedding followed by canapés and drinks in the garden were scuppered by the awful weather we are having this summer so instead they had to make extra use of the barn itself. The ceremony was beautiful anyway and the rain let off a tiny bit for guests to make their way outdoors under gazebos. This was so that chairs and tables could be moved back into place from the ceremony. We handed out Prosecco and guided people to help themselves to other drinks out of large tin baths.

While guests were outside we handed round canapés. This weeks choices were BBQ pork belly bites, sun-dried tomato crostinis, cream cheese crostini’s and vegan samosas. Despite the weather, which was again getting worse, the guests were in high spirits and trying to look at the funny side of things. Especially when one of the gazebos took off in the wind while J tried to reassure G that there was nothing to see!

Everyone made their way inside to their tables, where they enjoyed BBQ sharing platters. This included burgers, sausages, BBQ pulled pork and BBQ chicken drumsticks. Alongside this we served salad, corn on the cob, new potatoes, coleslaw and brioche rolls. Dessert this week was ice cream from a vendor. Unfortunately I missed who.

We handed round toast drinks and cleared tables before leaving the wedding party to do their speeches.

The rest of the evening consisted of the bar being open, where G & J had asked for two very special cocktails to be on offer, named after their cats. They were extremely popular and my biceps certainly got a work out! The most cocktails I’ve served in a long time!

Evening food was our ever popular pizzas with various toppings, cooked and laid out for people to take slices. This works out to be a better option than people queuing to wait for a whole pizza of choice each. It stops the party from breaking up while people stand waiting.

Bride and Groom were in amazing spirits and it was plain to see they still had the best day ever. I honestly can’t believe how much rain fell that one day but it goes to show its who you are with and what you make of it that makes your day so special because these guys made sure they still enjoyed every second.

Wishing you all the best in your future as Mr and Mrs.

Sophie x