J’s cocktail master class.

We had a number of smaller, private jobs this week. For our blog we’ve opted to tell you all about the great group of hens Ryan got to work with. He gets excited when he gets the chance to go back to his first love of cocktails. This group of hens were more than ready to make and sip cocktails in the sun!

J and her hens were renting a cottage and Ryan came fully equipped with everything he needed, including a bar!

So here’s how it worked. Once set up, Ryan made arrival cocktails for the girls to enjoy while he introduced what was going to happen during their two hour class. It’s a Twilight Bars tradition for the group to then have a shot to get the party started. The girls were split into two teams where they learnt about the first cocktail they were to make, followed by a demonstration on how to make it. Then they were up against each other. Every person made them-self the cocktail and as a team had to chose their best to put forward to Ryan. As the session moved on, (and the hens got tipsier!) they learnt a further two cocktails and had time between each to have a break and most importantly drink their creations!

Before the class drew to a close, Ryan chose a winning team, this time, the brides team! As a congratulations they were awarded with a bottle of Prosecco. Whilst the girls finished off their cocktails, Ryan cleared away and packed up leaving everything exactly how he found it. Apart from the hens who were a little louder and gigglier than when he found them!

As always we thank the girls for choosing us and we wish J all the happiness in her future life as a Mrs.

Sophie x