BIG wedding bash!

This week we were back in Ely providing a bar service for the wedding of P and C.

It was a slightly larger wedding than usual with numbers pushing 300 for the evening. But let’s start at the beginning. Our bride and groom opted for our round “polo” bar to be situated in the centre of the marquee, with numerous beers on tap, supplied by themselves. This included the grooms favourite Irish lager, Heverlee. They also supplied a variety of spirits, wines, ales and soft drinks.

We had a mammoth set up week supplying P and C with our best bar equipment, all glassware and Little Bubbles. As the guests arrived in style, some on the back of a tractor, we started their celebrations with Little Bubbles set up with Pimms and lemonade on tap! Yes, on tap! Alongside this we also served a copious amount of champagne from the back of a dumper truck. I am devastated I never had time to take a photo of this set up as it all looked amazing!

Boy these guys can drink! We poured for two hours and they didn’t slow down! They were called across to the marquee for speeches where we were ready and waiting with more champagne for the toast.

From here, a very busy bar ensued for the rest of the evening and night. We served until 2am. I can’t even count the amount of barrels they got through, bottles of spirits, Sambuca’s and Jagerbombs. You name it, they drank it! These guys were not joking when they said the Irish side of the family like to drink!

We were informed on our return to clear out on Monday that the party carried on until at least 6am and was followed up by more drinks and a BBQ the following day! I have to say this was one heck of a celebration weekend!

Myself and the staff were so busy I unfortunately didn’t get any photos of this wonderful day, so we will have to make do with a photo of Tracy during set up!

Wishing P and C a lifetime of happiness and hangovers!

Sophie x