A very glitzy 21st birthday!

This weekend we went back to our roots, providing cocktails for an amazing birthday party!

On set up day Ryan arrived at the home of P and her family to provide a semi circle section of our “Polo” bar in an outhouse that had been transformed for the bar area. This joined on to a marquee with space for a dance floor and seating for a sit down meal.

As we arrived in the wind and rain, there was a scurry of people arriving late from all over the country due to travel problems caused by the weather, trains not running etc. but eventually they managed to get seated and enjoy the beginning of their night. After their meal and some speeches it was time for them to join us in the bar area. We provided a selection of drinks as chosen by the birthday girl. These were our signature classic Mojitos, Pornstar Martinis and a range of Pink Gins served with Fever Tree tonics.

Our Pornstars proved the most popular by far! We needed our strong, cocktails shaking muscles this weekend! We received no end of wonderful comments about how tasty our drinks were, which is always a pleasure to hear.

Once the cocktails had all been served, we carried on into the early hours serving beer and champagne from the bar. When it was time to leave we loaded the top of the bar with drinks and glasses for people to carry on helping themselves.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful night and we really enjoyed being a part of it. I would guess there were a few sore heads the next morning!

Happy Birthday P! We hoped we helped to give you a night you will never forget, if a bit blurry in places!

Sophie x