A big birthday BBQ.

This weekend we had two jobs but first I’ll tell you about the BBQ style buffet. A future bride (P) for next year contacted us asking if we could help out this summer with a party for her mother-in-law’s “big” birthday. Of course we said yes and met for a discussion about both the wedding and the BBQ.

We were lucky enough that P’s kitchen was big enough for us to use, what an oven! When we arrived, having done most of the prep work before hand, we set about getting everything on rotation in the oven. The buffet was to be set up on the large dining table. While Ryan concentrated on the food side of things, Sophie and Tracy went outside to greet guests with Pimms.

Sophie carried on looking after the guests outside and Tracy joined Ryan in the kitchen to set out the buffet. This included BBQ pulled pork, handmade burgers, sausages and spicy chicken wings. Alongside this we put out buttery new potatoes, salads, buns and sauces.

Guests tucked into the food and we made sure glasses were topped up and plates were cleared away. This meant P and the family could enjoy the evening hassle free.

Once everyone was finished we laid out desserts, supplied by various members of the family and again, tidied away when everyone was done. Before we left we packed away all left overs into the fridge and cleaned everything down, ensuring the area looked as clean as when we arrived.

It was lovely to do an extra job for P and have the ability to show her what we can do. We look forward to the next time we meet which will be her taster evening for her wedding day!

Sophie x